Monday, April 25, 2011

inaccurate display

Inaccurate display reading - display shows maximum of 3 bars when fully charged. Display shows
         0 hours on another machine

    1.  Illustration below shows 2 bars of charge level, 2 bars is approximately when the deck is shut off by
         the system while mowing. The batteries are fully charged and I got 70 minutes of mowing time before
         the deck shut off. The display dropped to 1 bar after 20 minutes and stayed there throught the entire
         mowing time.
        We could not find any connection that seemed not to make contact.

         We also had a display showing 0 hours when there actually were 6, it also displayed codes
         04A57 and 16A06. This unit would not start and run.
         We physically checked all connections and could not find any that seemed to not make contact.

       2.  We installed a new display with the same result. Changing the display is not necessary.

      3.  After changing the master controller (SEE NOTE IN NUMBER 4) we were able to re calibrate the
           accelerator by entering model number
           12242 which allowed us to access the controller with the Smartec programer. We then had a KO
            peddle code that we were able to bypass by pushing enter several times.The next screens to
           show were the calibration screens as shown in the Smartec manual.Changing the master controller
           was also not necessary.

      4.  By following the manual instructions the accelerators were successfully reprogrammed. The unit now
           operates as it should.    NOTE  To preserve the hours shown on the display the key should be cycled
           to on then to off rather quickly. To preserve the hours in the controller turn the key on and leave the
           key in the on position for 2 minutes. This needs to happen the first time the key is turned on with the
           new controller installed.

      5. We have not learned that to reset the display and the master controller to read battery voltage
          correctly, enter the "settings" menu and change the battery voltage setting either up or down and return
          the setting to the original number. Exit the program and the display should read correctly.

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  1. I have 2 Zeons.
    They both now show 1 bar after being fully charged and the batteries are fresh, holding 53v.
    What even worse is they both refuse to cut.
    Display says "CUT" but only the cooling fan runs.
    No fault code appears.
    Has anyone got any thoughts as I am in RAROTONGA, COOK ISLANDS in the S Pacific, miles from any service assistance.
    The charger is easy to upgrade, Just change the jumper to the 240v position